Borderlands 2 patch 1.8.3

Borderlands 2 patch 1.8.3 - Free Download

Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Log in or Sign up. Borderlands 2 Patch 1. Jan 10, 1. If you own Borderlands 2 for the PC, head on over to Steam and get your patch on.

Added support for text input using the gamepad for Steam's Big Picture mode. Deathtrap can no longer restore an enemy's shields, even though it was hilarious. Fixed a bug that caused off-hand weapons to sometimes deal improper damage while Gunzerking. Addressed an issue where shotguns did not receive full damage boosts from skills and gear. Jan 10, 2. Gotta love their patch notes.

Pitabred , Jan 10, Jan 10, 3. Still waiting for level cap increase but nice support. Q-BZ , Jan 10, Jan 10, 4. Nothing major as far as I can see MavericK , Jan 10, Jan 10, 5. PunditGuy , Jan 10, Jan 10, 6. Jan 10, 7. Jan 10, 8. Jan 10, 9. Jan 10, And within the first month the halo kids were already whining for a lvlcap increase, many of them because they already burned themselves out after duping and savefile modding made everything stale.

You gotta look at it from the dev's point of view, its a delicate balance timing the increase and trying to piss the least amount of people off, since all the nerds that spend hundreds of hours farming legendaries will suddenly have obsolete gear. An increase too soon after release and they've got that group up in arms. If youre finding "no reason to play" it means time to step away for a month, come back roll a new toon and its fresh again, this worked for me.

Jan 11, Shadowe , Jan 11, FYMbyIce , Jan 11, Derangel , Jan 11, Q-BZ , Jan 11, Shotguns are terrible in my experience. Yiffy , Jan 11, TwistedAegis , Jan 11, Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is:

borderlands 2 patch 1.8.3

borderlands 2 free dlc download for xbox 360

Toothless Terry has a chance to drop the Pimpernel now. I have tried running the Borderlands2. Borderlands2 subscribe unsubscribe 77, readers users here now Welcome To Borderlands 2! But it won't remove Linux x86 compatibility, for now. Hi, what dlc is not included on this PACK? Moreover, the gameplay and randomly generated loot makes the game score high in terms of replayability.

Borderlands 2 Patch 1.3.1

So I've been wondering how to downgrade my game to patch 1. Your name or email address: Buffed the Cracked Sash. Doubled the Projectile Speed of Homing Grenades.

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borderlands 2 patch 1.8.3

Kitty 19 October at Made the O-Negative come in 0 seconds Fuse Time. The update adds new things, like Black Market items, while solving many different issues relating to the game itself and to the different story expansions, like Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. HasslarN 2 Jan , Deckhand has a chance to drop the Jolly Roger now. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. FYMbyIce , Jan 11, Gold Golem has a rare chance of dropping the Grog Nozzle now, and removed the Infinity and the Deliverance from his lootpool to make it less crowded. Blue has a chance to drop the Heart Breaker now. Gave Flayer the same skin as in Pre-Sequel. Need players for ps3 with mics!!! A y y y C Australia. Prospector Zeke has a chance to drop the Pitchfork and the Fluster Cluck now.

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Borderlands 2 patch 1.8.3
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