Activator play framework

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Monday, May 15, Play framework getting started with activator. The earlier post introduces to Play, sbt and activator versions and the differences in the installation procedures. This post describes the Play installation procedures with the activator.

The procedure is relevant for the sbt version before 0. Installation Download and install: Java 8 - download the relevant installation from Oracle site. Edit the file activator-dist The proper line should be like this: Create sub-directory conf under the activator root directory activator-dist Create in the conf directory an empty file named sbtconfig. Creating a new application Start the cmd from the directory, where a new application should be created. It should match to sbt version, installed on your machine.

The server by default is listening on port You can request it from a browser by the URL http: You will get something like this: Newer Post Older Post Home. About the author Ala Schneider I trust only simple code and believe that code should be handsome. This is not a matter of technology, but professional approach, consolidated after years of software development. I enjoy to cause things working and feel very happy, when I manage to solve a problem.

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activator play framework

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Activator has all that, plus it has two more tricks up its sleeve at present and more to come in the future. UI mode might be useful even to advanced users if you need to grok a new library or concept quickly. You can also create your own giter8 seeds and scaffolds based off this one by forking from the https: This has all the templates that you would need for compilation. Hi Mayur, To run the current application in development mode, use the run command. Readren 5 The next page will show you how to create projects from the command line and some more detail about creating new applications. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. You should try that.


Unless you know everything about everything and my goodness, what a boring existence that would be , there are going to be some times you want to learn new stuff yayyyy, learning. Found an error in this documentation? RUN chown -R daemon: There is also a log of actor issues which shows messages sent to dead letters and exceptional events like that. Inside your project directory, run the activator command like activator -jvm-debug run Once this is done, debug your project as Remote Java Application within your IDE to hook it with the activator process. Reblogged this on Play! Create sub-directory conf under the activator root directory activator-dist

Docker Your Scala Web Application (Play Framework)

activator play framework

Once this is done, you shall be able to break in your code anywhere. Sign up using Email and Password. There are the same useful tools: There will probably be some downloading still, but not as much. It should match to sbt version, installed on your machine. Samsung Realize your vision Samsung unlocked its innovator's dilemma; the issue of how to change and evolve from within. You can start a container off the play-dockerized image using docker run command:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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Activator play framework
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