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Syrupy performances and directing make this dramedy all too obvious. Williams pulls out all the stops in a lead role that gives him carte blanche to careen between extremes of silliness and sentimentality; he tries too hard, too obviously, much like the pic itself.

Has some very funny moments, but they're all drowned out by an overbearingly sentimental script. A perfectly fine, play-it-safe vehicle for Robin Williams that showcases both his great gift for improvisational comedy and his ability to make a heartfelt connection. The pat manipulation of emotions comes with a dangerously high level of saccharin.

But anyone who's ever felt aggrieved by impersonal treatment from the medical establishment will enjoy Williams's system-bucking antics. The worst film of was also one of the worst films of its entire decade, but it panders so shamelessly in an effort to manipulate every conceivable human emotion that it was instantly embraced by easy-to-please filmgoers.

Shadyac underscores Williams' comic routines with superfluous and frankly relentless reaction shots of patients and hospital staff alike crumpling with laughter. Indulges to the hilt every obnoxious, hyperactive, oh-what-I-wouldn't-give-for-a-tranquilizer-gun aspect of Robin Williams' performing style. But how does Robin Williams do as his portrayal of this incredible man. Patch Adams is based on the life of the great Doctor Hunter Adams.

The film follows his life after he goes to medical school and he is criticized by the head of the school due to him helping other patients when he doesn't need to help them when more experienced doctors should get the job done of making the patients feel better in the medical sense.

But Patch wants to make patients feel better in the mental sense as well as the medical sense. Robin Williams does a magnificent job as Hunter Adams, making him both a kind and sympathetic character and making him also a very likable and funny character, and you truly feel for all the pain he is going through during his time at medical school.

Monica Porter does a great job as well as his love interest even if in real life her character was a male and had no affection for Patch in the love sense.

She does a good job at being a somewhat mean character but she ends up being a very well developed and likable character near the end of her character in the film.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Daniel London also both do great jobs as his good friends and Phillip Seymour Hoffman does a great job at being both a hatable character and ends up being a likable character. Now for a Robin Williams this isn't really a comedic based film which is somewhat surprising for a film marketed as a film where Robin Williams is on the poster with a clown nose.

Overall this is my favorite of Robin Willaims film and one of my favorite movies, and that says a lot for a non comedic film when Williams is one of my favorite comedians as of late. The acting is well done, the characters are likable, and the film has some real good drama and shocks. If you can check this film out I'd say do it, no matter what the Nostalgia critic says.

A pathetic tearjerker that tries to make us cry at all costs with every sort of cheap narrative and manipulation, not even realizing how insulting it is with Robin Williams playing a clownish retard who is supposed to be some kind of happiness hero for the pitiful ones. Patch Adams is one of those films that deserved to be a very entertaining film, but unfortunately failed to in every respect to deliver something satisfying for the viewer.

I really wanted to enjoy the film, but I simply couldn't. This film is an awful train wreck of a movie that has a cast of phenomenal talent that is simply wasted on such poor material. Robin Williams who is an incredible comedic talent can't save this dreck due to a poorly written script. Right from the first ten minutes, you realize that this film was doomed to fail. The film tried way too hard at being an emotional piece, and failed miserably because the film's ideas simply went nowhere.

The subject is quite interesting, and I think it's a shame that there couldn't be any better way of giving this story the treatment it really deserved. Robin Williams has made better films than this, and lucky for him his legacy as a good comedic actor is secured due to films like Good Morning Vietnam and Mrs.

I really wanted to love the film, but I simply couldn't. This film just lacked anything to really keep you interested. The attempts at humor simply are a failing attempt at trying to make you laugh. If you enjoy Robin Williams like I do, you won't enjoy this failure because it illustrates a real lack of passion from a man who is usually very funny and is an icon of comedy that belongs up there with Richard Pryor and George Carlin.

With Patch Adams, Williams has made one of the worst films of his career and if you usually enjoy Robin Williams, you'll find that such a good comedian deserved a better picture to make and much better material to work with. I loved Robin Williams in this! More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Season 7 Black Lightning: Season 2 The Deuce: Season 2 Doctor Who: Season 11 The Flash: Season 3 Saturday Night Live: Season 4 This Is Us: Season 3 The Walking Dead: View All Photos 1.

Based on the true story of a misfit medical student whose unconventional approach to healing causes headaches for the medical establishment but works wonders for the patients.

Daniel London as Truman. Monica Potter as Carin. Philip Seymour Hoffman as Mitch. Bob Gunton as Dean Walcott. Josef Sommer as Dr. Frances Lee McCain as Judy. Harve Presnell as Dean Anderson. Peter Coyote as Bill Davis. Harold Gould as Arthur Mendelson. Ellen Albertini Dow as Aggie. Michael Jeter as Rudy. Harry Groener as Dr. Daniella Kuhn as Adelane. Jake Bowen as Bryan.

James Greene as Bile. Bruce Bohne as Trevor Beene. Barry Shabaka Henley as Emmet. Stephen Anthony Jones as Charlie. Richard Kiley as Dr. Douglas Roberts as Larry. Alan Tudyk as Everton. Ryan Hurst as Neil. Peter Siiteri as Chess Man. Tim Wiggins as Scared Customer. Helen Tourtillott as Feeble Woman. On West as Instructor. Domenique Lozano as Passerby. Ralph Peduto as Organizer.

Ken Hoffman as Big Texan. Jim Antonio as E. Roy Conrad as E. Jay Jacobus as Jack Walton. Dot-Marie Jones as Miss Meat.

Geoff Fiorito as 3rd-Year Student. Samuel Sheng as 3rd-Year Student. Kathleen Stefano as Margery. Piers Mackenzie as Dr. Ismael 'East' Carlo as Hispanic Father. Downes as Children's Ward Patient. Haines as Children's Ward Patient. Silberg as Psych Patient. William Joseph Scharff as Psych Patient. James Anthony Cotton as Psych Patient. Michael Rae Sommers as Psych Patient.

Howard Allison Williams as Psych Patient. David Fine as Psych Patient. James Carraway as Psych Patient. Stephen Coyle as Psych Patient. Wanda McCadden as Woman in Lobby. Wanda Christine as Nurse Klegg. Lorri Holt as Pediatric Nurse. Stephanie Ann Smith as Laughing Nurse. Mary Delorenzo as Nurse.

english subtitles for patch adams

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Michael Kennedy as Gynecologist. Vivis Colombetti as Hysterical Woman. Smith , Christian Campbell , Eric Schweig. Daniella Kuhn as Adelane. For Patch, humor is the best medicine, and he's willing to do just anything to make his patients laugh - even if it means risking his own career.

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On West as Instructor. Peter Coyote as Bill Davis. Season 11 The Flash: Frances Lee McCain as Judy. Select category Add custom category. Learn more More Like This. I heard of this movie Years ago, It just never triggered my interest at the time. I guarantee that this film will be required study material in acting classes for now on.

Patch Adams Review

english subtitles for patch adams

Perhaps Williams finest effort to date. Please consider becoming a VIP User. The real-life inspiration for this film has been on record as saying that the film commercializes on the message, and that it misrepresents most of his life, his work, and his continuing attempt to change the medical world. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Peter Siiteri as Chess Man. Ralph Peduto as Organizer. The film centers around Si's growing fixation with this one family and his delusional belief that he too could somehow become an integral part of their family unit. The Big Lebowski 4K. Hunnicutt, one of the Army doctors. I have ascended to the ardor of Don Quioxte-ness in wanting to return to becoming a physician, and find that my own medicinal qualities are done in respect and honor of the soul living inside of a terminally ill body that just wishes to have one last go at life as portrayed in this film.

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English subtitles for patch adams
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